Does PotatoStream save you any money ?


POTATO family, we hope you have enjoyed the application thus far.

Ever wondered, how much you already have saved using this AWESOME application? Just to put everything into perspective, let’s dive in and crunch some numbers ( yeah, maths! – YUCK! )

  • To watch the Premier League for a month – SKY SPORTS : Premier League channel –  £18.
    Let’s say we bag a bargain deal with NOW Tv ,we still have to pay £20 for 2 months with additional charges.
    NOTE : Even the subscription does not cover all the Premier League matches and especially the 3 P.M. kick-offs. So keep that in mind.
  • Now putting Premier League aside, we move onto the Champions League and Europa League.  We will need to subscribe to BT Sports – £29.99 a month.undefined
  • Most Cup matches are not even televised in UK, but we know where we can find them 😉
    So considering most important cup matches are on BT Sports which we just subscribed to, let’s move on.
    Cup Matches BT Sports – £ 0 (already subscribed).
  • A single Pay Per View event (PPV) –  £15 (at-least).
  • Still not included are other events like F1, Cricket, Boxing, UFC, amongst others which we love to watch. 

We must spend a bare minimum of £ 10 (Premier league – after paying for 2 months in advance ) + £ 29.99 ( UCL + Europa + Cup – selected matches only ) + £ 15 ( Considering we watch only 1 PPV a month ) =

£ 64.99 ! WHAT!! and we still don’t get it all 😦

That’s the sole reason that PotatoStreams is here, making it right for you. Use the Free version and SAVE all that money and more every month or even better use POTATO STREAMS PREMIUM application for £ 2 a month or £ 16 a year. ( ADfree, better quality links, uninterrupted service, and supports  FireStick).

Ain’t this crazy !

Let us know how much has PotatoStreams helped you financially and how much you have saved in a month. Post your answers below.

Thanks for all your support.

Also, we are coming up with some more AMAZING features and updates soon, so stay tuned.

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